Two Guys Trashing Photography
Tuesday August 20th 2019

About Us

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Ché-lmo y Frédel

Photo Trash Talk is Dan Burkholder and Elmo Sapwater. Dan and Elmo have been friends and business partners for over 30 long and painful years. Both have strong photographic and editorial backgrounds sprinkled with a lot of education in-between. On more than one dire occasion each has had to escape a foreign country in a cloud of secrecy. (Oh, ok, so we made that spy thing up.) But, these guys really enjoy talking gear and photo while having a great time that will rub off on anyone.

They have a following. And, the responses range from bad to worse.

Photo Trash Talk is regarded as the most irrelevant, irregular and most irrigated podcast in the nation. It does not answer to any retailer or manufacturer. Dan & Elmo can really call the shots as they see them.

“I have known these guys for years. If they weren’t so downright funny I think their licenses to photograph should have been revoked…” DR from Texas

“This recent Photo Trash talk is so fun to listen to. I don’t understand a lot of it, but it’s very entertaining nonetheless.” Gayle

…or, maybe worser:

“Every episode I learn something! Sometimes it’s a nugget that I can actually use…” KG from California.

“This is the best talk show for photographers … hands down!” David R.

“NPR Car Guys Reincarnated!!! Beware, contagious laughter! Patti O.

And, Dan and Elmo are happy to be working with Gregg Ellman. Gregg is a technology and gadget writer for Tribune Media as well as a Canon tech rep. In addition to all of this he is a Dallas-Ft Worth freelance photographer who loves NASCAR and the NY Yankees. Gregg has been a bud like forever and is an essential element to the vision of Photo Trash Talk.

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(Photo by Jill Skupin Burkholder.)



Here’s how to reach Dan & Elmo.
Voice: +(424) Dan-Elmo or +(424) 326-3566 (-5 UTC/Eastern Time) *We use these  voice messages in our podcasts.

U.S. Postal Address:
Photo Trash Talk
% Dan & Elmo
1436 Baker Ave
Niskayuna NY 12309 USA

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  1. Patti O says:

    NPR Car Guys Reincarnated!!! Beware, contagious laughter!

  2. DavidR says:

    This is the best talk show for photographers … hands down!

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