Two Guys Trashing Photography
Tuesday August 20th 2019

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: September 13, 2018

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(l-r: elmo sapwater, nicholas argyros and dan burkholder. image: dan burkholder.)

Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater go Apple Picking! These two “Appleseeds” discuss the latest iPhones from Apple: Xs and Xs Max. They cut to the core and look at just how the bar for photography and image capture has been raised. Peel it all back and you’ll find new Bokeh and depth of field effects as well as a trillion possible calculations on every picture you take. If that’s not enough the duo talks about Canon’s EOS R mirrorless camera as well as the Fujifilm’s X-T3 mirrorless in a remote episode recorded at The Photo Center Troy with Nicholas Argyros! This and much more!

*Note: May take up to 15 seconds to load during peak times. Also, make sure speakers are turned up. 

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