Two Guys Trashing Photography
Monday November 19th 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: July 17, 2018

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Freshly baked, tanned and slathered from vacation, Dan & Elmo get back to being irrelevant, irregular and most irrigated. Hear them romp and chomp on topics including: A teeny tiny Projecteo projector for Instagram images; a new daguerreotype restoration technique using X-Rays; Why DSLR lenses aren’t so hot on MFT cameras; Panasonic’s ZS70 superzoom; SD Express & SD Ultra Capacity storage; Oppo phone with pop-up lenses; Who priced the Leica Zagato?; Light L16 phone; and “hot” shoe cams. This and more!




*Note: May take up to 15 seconds to load during peak times. Also, make sure speakers are turned up. 

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