Two Guys Trashing Photography
Monday November 19th 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: February 27, 2018

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Photo Trash Talk’s Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater step inside their 6 million dollar studio to discuss such great topics as: QwkPic & ElsiePic On-Demand for Photoshoots; New York Police Department shoot iPhones; Tesla Goes to Outer Space; Super Wood is stronger than Steel; Fujifilm X-AS; Olympus E-PL9; Fujifilm XP130 Tough camera; Kuvrd, a universal lens cap; Haagen-Daz Ice Cream lids; Sima soft-focus lens; and the Monster Superstar S100 Portable Waterproof speaker. Get your gut laughing as these guys go into space!

Click the Photo above to watch and laugh with these crazy guys on their YouTube Channel. For audio only click the link below.