Two Guys Trashing Photography
Sunday October 21st 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: Going to the Space Station with the VUZE VR Camera

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The Vuze VR Camera recently went into space to film a 3D, 360-degree cinematic VR experience as part of National Geographic’s upcoming series “One Strange Rock”. We caught up with Jim Malcolm, Humaneyes Technologies General Manager of North America to learn more.

The Vuze VR camera is also a recipient of the coveted Photo Trash Talk Howdy Doodad 2017  Award. Only products that are deemed best in their categories are recognized by Photo Trash Talk. And, the Vuze VR camera did that thanks to performance, solid build, ease-of-use, and price point.

*Note: May take up to 15 seconds to load during peak times. Also, make sure speakers are turned up.