Two Guys Trashing Photography
Sunday October 21st 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 31, 2017

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Dan & Elmo out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (photo: elmo sapwater)

In this Photo Trash Talk episode Dan & Elmo talk until they’re hungry! Discussions or mentions include :: Nikon D850 DSLR Overview; Apollo 15 and Nikon Photomic FTN SLR; John Glenn and his ANSCO Autoset 35mm; Hasselblad X1D; Russian Zenit; Holga photographer Tammy Cromer; Arrow Smartwatch 360˚; Whitewall Lab and Direct Print on Wood; Henry Wilhelm and the first Archival Print Washer; recycle your Solar Eclipse glasses; 2024 Solar Eclipse; Gadgets w/ Gregg; and MORE!

*Note: May take up to 15 seconds to load during peak times. Also, make sure speakers are turned up.