Two Guys Trashing Photography
Sunday October 21st 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: August 9, 2017

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Elmo & Dan Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse with Cool Shades. (Photo: Dan Burkholder)

In the August 9, 2017 Edition coming from Niskayuna, NY, discussions or mentions include: Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse Across America Website; Nikon officially discontinues current mirrorless cameras; Leica TL2 rangefinder gets firmware update and then may be selling 45% of company; a Caller wants to know about watchbands on Apple Watch; More Copyright Horrors; Tamron 18-400 Zoom; Ed Lee  of InfoTrends/Keypoint Intelligence Talks Photography Comes Full Circle; Wayback with Calypso Underwater; Plotagraph Photography App; Robert Hirsch Book; PogoCam; and Photo Disaster.

RECOMMENDED: France Scully Osterman sent this VIDEO link regarding why you should not use Eclipse Glasses to look through a telescope or binoculars. 

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Plotagraphs App Example for iOS/Android/Mac/PC/Linus

Watch the Clouds Move in this video clip created by the Plotagraph App.
(photo by Dougie Souness with Christopher Lund)


Calypso Camera (photo by rick green)

Nikonos II (photo by elmo sapwater)