Two Guys Trashing Photography
Sunday October 21st 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: July 27, 2017

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Elmo & Dan “Trolling Around” in Fossatún, Iceland. (Photo by Dougie Souness with Christopher Lund.)

In the June 27 2017 Edition coming from Niskayuna, NY, discussions or mentions include: Nikon has a 100th Anniversary and is said to be working on another mirrorless; Leica TL2 rangefinder; Wacom has new big Cintiq Pro tablets; iPad Pro; Kickstarter’s Citograph 35mm f8 pancake lens; Light ships the anticipated L16; RED announces smartphone development; © and a monkey’s selfie; Photo Vests; “Once Upon a Time” Banana Republic vests; ScotteVest; Campmor aka Campco; Photography Music; Wayback Machine Travels to Pinhole Photography and Apps; $200,000 Photo Disaster; Remembering Michael Peven, Photographer/Educator/Friend; and Closing.

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