Two Guys Trashing Photography
Monday July 16th 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: July 6, 2017

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Photo Trash Talk Visits the Photography Center of the Capitol District in New York. Photo captured with Hover Camera Passport Drone. (l to r) Nick Argyros, Elmo Sapwater and Dan Burkholder.

Dan Burkholder and Elmo Sapwater visit the Photography Center of the Capitol District in Troy, NY. In 2006, Nicholas S. Argyros established the Photography Center of the Capital District. Based in Troy, NY, this 3-story, membership-supported facility houses one of America’s most complete museums of photographic hardware, literature (over 15,000 books and periodicals!), and prints. Listen to Nick’s enthusiasm for the medium as Elmo and Dan interview him in their inimitable way.

Note: Nothing gets in the way of this busy place. Sounds ranging from clocks chiming to doors opening to the breathing sounds of the Photo Center come right to life in this broadcast.