Two Guys Trashing Photography
Tuesday May 22nd 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK in ICELAND Pt II :: June 20, 2017

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Photographers trying to jump in a time exposed image during a trip to Iceland. This image is the only existing evidence of four male adults trying such antics. (L-R :: Dougie Souness; Christopher Lund; Dan Burkholder and Elmo Sapwater.) photo taken by Dougie with iPhone 7 Plus. Remote shutter via Dan’s Apple Watch. )

In the June 20, 2017 Edition Part II coming from Iceland, Dan & Elmo continue and wrap-up their travels on this Nordic island. Joining two other photographers, Dougie Souness of Scotland and Christopher Lund of Iceland, they all get into a 4×4 to get the adventure of their lives. In the second installment Dougie talks about his love of underwater photography as well as his more recent profound attraction to portraits of people. When it came to rain and wind Dougie braved the most and still managed to get the shots.

Iceland is a country of breathless beauty, hard working people, and friends. Think glaciers, volcanos, lava fields, puffins and the land that inspired Jules Verne to write, “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

Also, find out what equipment they guys used as well as what articles of clothing they brought. Is the weather cold and cloudy or sunny and breezy? Would anyone be surprised to find out that when paying for meals cash is not necessarily king?

Don’t miss Part 1 of this podcast that includes talking with Christopher Lund. He’s a fantastic second generation photographer who specializes in wondrous landscapes. Chris is a man of different skills that included his prowess of navigation and driving, photographic knowledge and ability to keep all of us safe. Enjoy!