Two Guys Trashing Photography
Monday July 16th 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: April 25, 2017

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OMG! Can you say, “Calf Rope?” Dan & Elmo shoot themselves in the foot or feets! One more telephone call-in catches these two wannabe cowboys with their boots off. You’ll be in chuckles with this gut romping Q&A. Cathy Sue wants answer about Rodeo photography. Both let out a “Yippie Ki-yay” just before the sheriff arrives with Dan & Elmo barely escaping the rope!

In the April 25 2017 Edition coming from Palenville, NY, discussions or mentions include: Ricoh; Pentax; Samsung cameras and S8 smartphone; Apple; Nikon D7500 DSLR; Canon SX730 HS point and shoot; Hover Camera Passport Drone; Cuba; iPhones; Moment lenses and Jetblack iPhones; Hasselblad to offer custom printing?; WayBack with Speed Graphic cameras; Weegee; Polaroid sheet film P/N film; Kodak, Pan-X; Ansel Adams; Polaroid Pack Loading Back; and Cathy Sue Calls Photo Trash Talk regarding Rodeo Photography.