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Monday November 19th 2018


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Rating: 5/5 Highly Recommended

There are times when you just want to leave the DSLR at home. Some may have their smartphones to capture some of the moments. Others, such as ourselves, will require the flexibility of a superzoom loaded with extra features. This is where the Panasonic DMC-ZS60 ( point-and-shoot camera shines. In terms of 35mm focal length lenses the ZS60 packs a Leitz 24-700 optical zoom with 5-axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization. Should you want to shoot a video you’ll find 4K and 2K options with stereo audio. Of particular interest is a Post Focus feature where the focus point can be shifted to a different area using the touchscreen. And, it’s got 18-megapixels.

In Cuba we shot Raw files with JPEG preview in a 3-bracket burst mode for best still results. Sometimes we shot in Aperture preferred mode and in a few instances Shutter preferred mode. And, the ZS-60 delivered!

You’ll find a touch-enabled display. But, what we loved was the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder). This allowed us to get more of a DSLR feel.

This was the only point-and-shoot camera we recommended for our fellow Cuba travelers to purchase prior to our trip. There were three who showed up with the ZS-60. During our travels we let others borrow ours and shoot. Two photographers told us they were buying one for themselves upon their return to the United States.

While the battery recharges the battery inside the camera using a USB cable we choose to purchase an extra charger and two additional batteries. It was a made by DOT-01 ( and $20.50 for everything.

There are so many options and features that anyone can find their own shooting style in this pocketable camera. The ZS60 is 4.4”x2.5”x1.5” and weighs less than 10 ounces. Depending on where you purchased the DMC-ZS60 it will run somewhere between a very affordable $400-450! The ZS60 is our favorite point-and-shoot!