Two Guys Trashing Photography
Wednesday December 19th 2018

PHOTO TRASH TALK :: September 1, 2015

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00:00 Intro Music
00:15 Intro Words
00:10 Is anyone shooting film? FujifilmIlford.
02:57 Lens Cap Systems. Sensei Clip-OnHufa HolderRicohOlympusPanasonicLeica.
06:00 Camera Strap. Peak Design; Kickstarter.
08:24 MFI Certified Cables. Snakable CableKickstarterIndiegogoSugruBondicTudia ClipsKaren Thomas PR.
13:22 Firecrest ND Filter
15:42 LA Police Gear Tactical Bailout Bag.
17:26 LA Police Gear Tactical ShirtScottevestBanana RepublicCampmorDomkeTenbaRick Smolan; Day in the Life Series;
20:30 Guest Trash with Katie Norris of Fotostrap.
27:20 Closing
27:54 Closing Music