Two Guys Trashing Photography
Monday November 19th 2018


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JUNE 2015

This Month’s Index:
00:00 Intro
00:30 Focus Pyramid, Autofocus Lens Calibration System
05:00 Photo Easel, Camera Support System
07:15 ShoulderPod & Reticam Tripod Adapters for Smartphones
08:00 Manfrotto Mini Pod
08:45 Arca-Swiss Tripod Plate
09:30 Dexim Bluetooth Wireless Shutter Release Button
10:00 Apple Watch
11:50 Book Reviews: Revelations Incorporated by Brian Ray / Mastering the Olympus OM-D EM-1 by Darrell Young / The Copyright Zone 2nd Edition by Edward Greenberg, J.D. and Jack Reznicki
15:05 Lightroom Recommendation for image copyright Registration
16:00 The Pixelstick for Lightpainting
19:05 Sugru Rubberized Adhesive
21:30 Olloclip Case and Active Lens
22:25 Element Case is said to take Schneider Lenses
23:00 Rumor of iPhone 6s or 7]
23:30 Sony’s RGB Image Sensor
24:10 Microsoft Gets Its Game Back
24:45 CutterPillar Crop Paper Trimmer with LED Lights
28:00 Close